João Tedim is a BSc (Lic. Pré-Bolonha, 2004) in Chemistry by the Faculty of Sciences of University of Oporto and a PhD (2009) in Physical Chemistry by the University of Leicester (UK). His PhD focused on the correlation between structure and properties of conducting polymer based on [M(salen)] transition metal complexes.

João Tedim is Assistant Professor and one of SECOP group leaders. His main research interests are associated with micro and nanostructured additives for multifunctional coatings, including active corrosion protection, corrosion detection, anti-fouling functionalities, among others; Cr-free surface pre-treatments; durability of materials; electrocatalysts for water splitting; application of computational tools for materials design.

When he is not working, he likes to spend time with the family, reading and playing the clarinet.