Mário Ferreira, Graduation in Chemical Engineering, I.S.T., (1971). PhD, U.M.I.S.T., Manchester, U.K., (J.L. Dawson, 1981).Agregação, I.S.T. (1993).

Mário Ferreira’s research activities are whithin the area of interfacial and surface engineering. He is especially interested in the study of advanced materials, such as materials with modified surfaces both by coatings and by alteration of the structure and or the composition of the surface. In his work PVD and IVD coated materials, laser treated materials and ion implanted materials have been included.

The study of more traditional coatings and materials, such as paints and anodizing coatings in the first case and reinforced concrete in the second case has also been the aim of his work. The replacement of pollutant formulae and tecnologies by environmentally “clean” ones has also been associated to his studies. The development of techniques for evaluation and related monitoring of the chemical to electrochemical degradation processes associated with materials, as well as the modelling of these processes complete his present scientific interests.